Let’s Dance

Come then! Let’s dance till we drop dead.
We don’t dance to feel superior to others,
Or because our mothers made us do it,
We dance not because it’s a competition,
It’s not corrivalry, it’s freedom.

We dance for we like our body best that way,
We dance because it makes us close our eyes
and open our hearts, as if we are making love.
We dance because there’s nothing so good
than tapping your feet with someone who loves you.
We dance for our feet are not ugly when they create beauty,
We dance because we dream.

There’s an ecstasy in holding someone’s square shoulders,
And talk to the air in unafraid rhythm,
And building a snowstorm in the club, with bare hands and dauntless fingers.
There’s something audacious in swirling with the amicable wind,
And proposing to every insane heart with our love
or an imperfect Macarena.

We make deals with the gods so they could understand,
That there could be immense happiness in making music with our sadness.
Huddle up, let me tell you a secret!
That there’s a single moment while we dance, with our hearts true to ourselves,
And in that moment, a simple perfection resides,
A truth that we strive for, strikes us with an epiphany,
And a beauty so pure glows with utmost pride,
Because love is the theme tonight,

Come then! Let’s dance till we drop dead.


Candid picture of me dancing


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