Feminazi- What is that?

“Feminazi- a radical feminist”

When I noticed this word for the first time, I brushed it off, on natural impulse, thinking that maybe it is a spawn of a creative, yet misogynist mind, an individual, trying to argue against feminism on the internet, and the word shouldn’t be given any notice. But then, it was everywhere, in the blink of an eye. I was horrified of course, and tried to know what exact meaning does it offer on the best research platform I could have laid hands upon- Google! And the results were chucklesome, yet inappropriate for my anxious feminist heart.




a radical feminist.
They gave us a new name.
They compared us to Nazis. They are so afraid of the constant efforts of extremely intelligent women and men around the world that they are trying to give us a bad name.
And in the very next moment, Every voice being raised was brought down with the label of double standards.
Everyone started complaining about the people complaining about real issues. Everyone was offended.
feminism in itself was being tossed around like an insult and still is.
there were long discussions, whining sessions and arguments. They even asked us to check our privilege and invalid questions were being bombarded on us.
On rape culture, they came up with the arguments like- “Men  get raped too!”, as if, men getting raped doesn’t come under the ‘Rape culture’.
When the ‘Movember’ was started to raise  awareness for prostate cancer, no feminist threw pink bras at the movement asking-“But what about Breast cancer?” But the vice versa came into the picture so inevitably that it doesn’t even shock us anymore.

I call myself a feminist.
I believe in equal rights for all the genders and I don’t really care that the term ‘Feminism’ sounds sexist. I know the definition, unlike many, and just because it’s called feminism instead of Egalitarianism, Which obviously advocate the same ideas, I won’t take the word in any anti-equal context.
I couldn’t care less that the word sounds like it is only directed towards women, just like I couldn’t care less that the word ‘Mankind’ sounds like it is only directed towards men because it simply doesn’t!
I’m also Egalitarian, or a Humanist, or whatnot. It’s not a zero-sum game.
And trust me, we’ve heard it all before, you don’t need feminism, you don’t need more rights than you already have, but how about you look beyond the picture?
All the arguments you present against feminism are actually not against feminism.

“Men get raped too, and they are not even treated as victims.”
–  Firstly, men getting raped is a real issue and should get its own voice, rather than just getting used as an argument against women getting raped.
The misogynist society doesn’t let men to be soft, to be the victim, with the belief that only women are the weaker sex. The problem is not feminism, but quite anti-feminist.

“All feminists hate men.”
– The funny part is, that all the people who would like to conclude all feminists as man-haters are the ones who clear their throats to sing the same old “Not all men are the same” song.
I consider myself a feminist because it’s also simplistic and regressive to attempt to label a diverse movement like feminism as majority or universally, and simply because some people perceived the extremists of feminism  as representative of the ideology, just because it didn’t fit their agenda, it wouldn’t stop me from advocating equal rights

“Women suffering in the Middle East deserve feminism, not Kim K with her nude picture on the internet.”
– Why does her photo exclude her from Feminism? Why does a body come into the picture anyway?
The women suffering in the Middle East deserve feminism, the women working in the First World country deserves feminism, The 12-year-old boy in India deserves feminism, how difficult is it to understand?

Okay,  I’m also an atheist, or a lover of science, or a dreamer who doesn’t dream of fairy tales. I believe in facts and evidence.
You want to convince this atheist, feminist, brown girl? Stop presenting anecdotal evidence and pre-prepared talking points based on emotionally charged mud slinging. Give me real evidence. Give me data. Give me statistical studies that prove feminists to be a man-hating regressive ‘nazis’  that counter the studies that show that acts of equality are often seen as a reversal of aggressive dominance to someone used to being dominant.
Prove to me that we don’t need equal rights and there is absolutely no sexism present which majorly affects females and other minorities.
prove to me that women dominate the world when they are actually objectified on a daily basis by both men and women around the world.
Prove to me that you were all about equality without feminism.
prove to me how feminists are the members of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party that are trying to invade Poland.


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