An ode to Female friendships

A little something for the sisterhood that made me the woman that I am today:

Set amid the nebulae of smoke, pollution and clouds- henna soaked,
our homes had walls thinner than laughter,
We kept coming back to old jokes, and our secret yearnings for a partner in crime became transparent,
like rose water, that we sprinkle on each other’s troubles.

Like Babybird, in her skinny jeans and slender shoulders,
who keeps the humour level steady and creates lightning storms when she laughs with the wind.
she showed me what real courage could be, on our way back, from hiking through the bog of our personal demons, after we drenched them in our lucid positivity.
Maybe it started some two years ago, or maybe it started way before that when my palms ached for a sisterhood to hold upon, and a sweat trickled down from her fingers at the very same time. And thus, after pulling each other up, above ourselves-holding her hand never felt unnatural.

Like This other girl, coming from the family of strong women, and dreams- Guddu- so I call her, who created a universe for me, where I was worth something, inspiring even;
She laughed at my every bad joke and spotted all the constellations there were to spot in my freckles.
Once, I waited till 7 so that she could make me a chocolate milkshake. She showed me how precious  friendship could be and left me in wonder with her faith and beauty. She kept me on my toes, most of the days when even the blanket left my feet cold.
The kind of purity there was in her kindness, and the heart that peeked through her cotton sleeves, she always makes me wonder- How have I ever deserved such love?

Like Srish, with her wide eyes, and cherry-stained smile, who met me at some shy sixteenth year of my life, imperfect like me, and equally unafraid to accept it. She showed me a broken mirror, and I showed her mine, and so we sat together to glue back all the pieces again and fixed more than just a couple of mirrors on our journey. I watched her grow, evolve and become a better version of herself, with each step that she took forward, I have seen her become a whole new person in the best possible ways.
We shared secrets, tears, lip gloss, dreams, ideas and pasta; and there were times when we just sat with our eyes closed and arms wide open, and we talked about everything that breaks our hearts.
There were days when we made each other cry, but the delight that comes from this kind of friendship- beats pain every day, even twice on birthdays.

And like many more, with fire in their souls and all the colours of rainbows in their eyes, who shaped me into what I am today, and allowed me to shape them in return.
And even though, Our hearts were like that of a dragon, but our voices had the kind of breeze in it, that cooled our universe, in just blinks of time.
Female friendships demand a lot more than just your time, your secrets or your rugged jeans, but once you get involved, they bring you up, in a world which is ever so ready to tear you downjerr


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