Not Today! #BlackLivesMatter

In case it is important for me to explain, I’m not black. I’m a brown, Indian kid giving her little verse to the #BLM movement, since art moves through many dimensions, and could be spoken through different voices. I do not wish to mean any disrespect, and if a single line in my poem speaks something wrong, I’m going to listen, correct it and learn from it.

Stop talking! Don’t make any sudden movement or any kind of noise! Freeze!
And listen..

It’s not important for you to be thick skinned, or a candle, or a matchstick,
The world is going to make you cry,
Out of joy!
And you will cry with joy, because not another black kid got shot today,
at the central market, or the parking lot, Not even on the basketball court,
the eulogy that you’ve already memorized,
is not going to be sung today.

You will cry with joy, because your brother’s name is still a name,
and not a part of a statistics, it’s not that he is all safe,
but he got out alive, safe today, so mark the victory, sing his name,
the poetry about the air that he breathes out every day,
is not going to be read today.

You will cry with joy, because your sister wore her hair in braids,
and didn’t get asked questions about them, not today,
and the co-worker didn’t tell her that she is really pretty for a black girl,
her black-girl magic didn’t turn into a fetish today, so the infinite amount of pep talk
is not going to be given today.

You will cry with joy, because your little boy didn’t get tried like a man today,
not on any street did he get asked to not make chaos, with his pebbles,
no, not today did he get asked if knew how to rap or street dance,
and no one bullied him today,
so the lectures about being different and breaking stereotypes,
is not going to be a necessity today.

You will cry with joy, because your little girl didn’t shy away today,
from telling her classmates about her favourite The Jungle book,
and no one picked on her for her naturally plump lips today,
or her round nose, she breathed today without being questioned about it,
and when she raised her hand in the history class today, she didn’t go unnoticed,
so the sweet cakes that you have made for her,
are not going to taste salty today.

You will cry with joy,
because your black neighbour got a speeding ticket,
instead of an open execution today.
Because the black girl from your gym class bought a Louis Vuitton bag using her savings,
and no one raised their eyebrows today.
Because the 48 year old black guard of the shopping mall,
didn’t get called ‘Boy’ today.
Not today. Not today!

Because today is a constant cry for tomorrow,
and there was no cry today, no media miseducated, no cop played the judge.
Because beauty doesn’t come in a wine mixed with your melanin,
and there is no shade of sunlight that a burning amber couldn’t create,
Maybe yesterday there was, but not today, not ever again, on any other day!images


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