To the boys who taught me certain lessons about life.

1 The boy who gave me my first kiss-
 I dream of you like I would dream of the ocean. It was nothing that I expected, but I would still like to live in that moment. You kissed away all the fears from my tongue, all the doubts from my eyelashes, and all the questions from my freckled nose tip. And even though we never dated, there was sweetness in your words, kindness on your palms, and dreams in your eyes.
You taught me that the most precious moment of all, doesn’t come back to everyone, but they could be cherished forever, just the same.

2 The man who touched me as a child-
 I was five. And you were a dangerous human being, to touch a child in any inappropriate way. I know better now, but I knew nothing of your sort back then. You taught me what fear is like. You taught my innocent heart, that predators are not always strangers. You taught me anger. You taught me everything negative. You were a grown-up, who I was supposed to be looking up to, at that age, but you taught me otherwise, you taught me to flinch.

3  The boy I didn’t love back-
Your eyes spoke clearly that you loved me, and your words expressed them so.
I’m sorry, for I tried, but could not love you back, at all. And in all honesty, you always deserved better, and now that you have found someone better, it truly gives me immense happiness. You taught me that I was worthy of being loved too. You taught me that no matter how silly, how unreasonable, how unrequited love could be, one must never stop loving, one must never stop living.

The guy who made me the ‘Other woman’-
 I didn’t sign up for that. I didn’t want that. I would have never allowed that, but you made me the other woman, without my knowledge, without my say in it. It broke my heart, not because I wanted you to love me, but because I know that it was all untrue- all the sweet words, all the gestures, all the promises. But I promised you that I’d always be there as a friend, for you made me laugh when I needed to, and I hope to keep it that way. You taught me that life is hard, It is not perfect, and it gives you heartaches, but it gives you a gift of forgiveness too- keep it, cherish it, use it!

5  The boy who shares my home, my laptop and my parents-
 You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your siblings. And even though, brother,  you make me go mad with your stupid jokes, and you make me want to hit you in the face, with a stick or something, every time you fight with me over petty stuff, but when it comes to it, you are all I have.
You taught me the importance of family. You taught me that family watches your back, through thick and thin. You taught me that the blood is thicker than water. You taught me a lot, and I love you for everything.

The guy who said that he likes me because I’m not like other girls-
 Those other girls consist of my roommate, who has strong feminist views and does not feel the need to shave her legs; Of one of my best friends, who has her own share of demons to fight, but she laughs at her troubles with such bravery; Of my cousin, who paints the loveliest of the paintings and keeps the humor level steady;  Of my classmate, who is highly insecure with her body, but has the biggest heart;  Of my neighbour, who parties every weekend, and work her ass  off during the whole week, despite her unsupportive family. Those other girls are my sisters! And you taught me to know the difference between a  genuine compliment and  petty flirting, so stop trying to make me look grand by tearing them down.

The guy who is my introvert best friend-
 You are one of the best people I’ve ever known. You are the one who fought back his shyness and showered me with your kindness and humour when life knocked me down. You made me laugh, you made me smile. You became my sun-kissed blessing and I’d never forget that. And I know how phone calls make you nervous, and socialising freaks you out- but  I’d be there for you always. You taught me a great deal about friendship and love. You taught me that one does not need to be out-going or an extrovert person, to be a true friend.  I love you, in the most unadulterated form. Thank you for having such a huge heart.

The guy who swept me off my feet-
You made me love winter, you made me love wine, you made me write so many poems about love, and you made me feel so beautiful. There were no promises, no big words, no lie, no flowers- but there was you in your navy blue suit, and the cologne that made my thoughts hazy, and you asked me if you could kiss me, and I said yes because I wanted to as well. You taught me that love could be found in the people you never expected. You taught me that happiness is what we all deserve. I still think of you, every time I slow dance.


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