Date a girl who paints

Date a girl who paints.
Date the artist that does not even know that she is an artist, date the girl who paints. Date the girl who holds her brushes like an amulet and draws in all the colours she could pour out of her heart. Date the girl who mixes extremes of shades to figure what her soul must look like. Date that girl.

Date a girl whose heart tends to flutter at the sights of a rainbow, or a rainy window, rusty at places, she would know exactly what to do to make the cracks look right. Date the girl who makes broken look beautiful, who dwell on morning milkshakes and devour the dusks and dawns at her cheekbones for some reason you could not fathom. Find the girl who paints and fall in love with her, because that’s what you always do, you always fall in love with a painting, and you will always fall in love when the painting is alive. Find the girl who paints, she will be there, smelling like ball-point pens, broken showers, stale coffee beans and acrylic paint. That’s how you will know she‘s the one.

Date the girl at the back of the bus, too engrossed with the world outside the window, too busy figuring out the afternoon chaos, too busy doodling on the back of her notebook. Try to find her heart behind her flannel, she knows how wrecked she looks, and yet how beautiful that is to be.
Find her before she flounces out. And trust me, honey, she will tell you how she does not need your love, because she really doesn’t, see if you could make some place in her heart anyway.

Fall for the artist, and make the artist fall for you like one would fall for the streets bathed in moonshine, or a dungeon of a dragon who looks just like her. She will make you her muse, and form stories around you, mould stories about you. She will be patient, she knows how beauty always unravel when it takes a little time. She will be stubborn, she has seen how evanescent this world could be so she would paint it all on a canvas to hold for the night. She will be there because her art is there, she will be there forever.

When you find the girl who paints, do not tell her nice things, or call her pretty, for art is neither nice nor pretty, art is an experience to behold, a memory to cherish, something reminiscent of a forgotten era, or an un-penned story or a heart, that does not beat for merely nice and pretty.
Keep her close, and she will show you a whole new world to witness. Give her love and she will create storms and thunder of fondness just for you. Make a home with her and she will let kingdoms emerge from the abyss of her mind, with french windows and vintage lamps.

Do not date a painter if you could not let her catch all the stardust in her sheets; if you could not let her swim in the endless moors to become a droplet of her own when she wishes to; if you’re going to leave her without love anyway, date a painter and fall for her, completely,

Life would be a never-ending roller coaster of adventure, an inspiration worth living for. All you need to do is date a girl who paints.

(Ps- This write-up is written after the idea of Rosemarie Urquico: “You should date a girl who reads.”)


Artwork by a beautiful painter who is my muse for this write-up


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