Dear Jon Snow

“Dear Jon Snow,
I like your hair. like forsaken rain drops they fall, like a broken pavement, they seem lost.
They wander, silly hair! They aspire! They carry secrets and tornadoes, they are a haven for a dire wolf’s cry.

Dear Jon Snow,
I know you have touched love. You have tasted it with your own tongue, inhaled it in, filled it in your lungs, tell me, wasn’t it like swallowing an entire ocean in one go? Like sipping on starlight and smoking out heartache over and over till your soul gives up on you?

Dear Jon Snow,
I know that you are a dragon. So I guess it’s safe to assume that I will fall in love with you. Your untamed wilderness and noble-born blood, your heart makes it up for all the void. Your soul breathes fire, I know your lips taste like gasoline, even in the snow. Especially in the snow, Jon Snow!

Dear Jon Snow,
I saw how you held your own heart in your arms when it froze. Crimson red, cherry stained lips, her vacant eyes, there were wolves howling in the whispers of your dishevelled hair when she was gone. Tell me, wasn’t it like slicing your own self into pieces? Like laughing on your own destruction yet waiting for a punchline?

Dear Jon Snow,
How did you survive? This cage that is not even yours, this neglect that is as cold as the winter cold heart, this life that is empty. How do you wake up in the burning, in the screaming silence of the blood-soaked nights? Tell me, does the pain still enters the parts that you lost away in your slumber?

Dear Jon Snow,
I know that you know nothing, but at least you know how it’s like to die, again and again.”82639965_game-of-thrones-season-2-jon-snow


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