The question still hangs around my room
whenever your name echoes there

The butterflies in my stomach are quiet now

They don’t flutter anymore,

They don’t remember the first times,
nor do they crave for more.

The question still hangs and my lungs
are full of bad breath slurs

My eyes never search for you
but my fingers have yet not forgotten,

What I mean to say is the fire never escaped my heart
but it swallowed me whole

The burning marks reside on the skin I had yet to discover.

Maybe it was too soon

Or maybe it was too late

Maybe the Firefly had to learn
that she was meant to burn away.

You see, unrequited love is difficult

And I have been doing difficult for quite some time now,

You should have at least given me some credit

when you asked me for the saddest story ever

And I showed my unloved palms
with ‘I love you’ scribbled all over them.


Art work by Naved Warsi

Follow Naved Warsi here for more art and beauty- https://www.instagram.com/warsi_naved/




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