Do I? I do!

I took a shower.
It was the bravest thing I ever did
after swallowing 5 kinds of fruit
and taste
Is permanent. The dew drops
always find their way back to the heavens
and the heart always find reasons
to not stay
is what you made me feel when you
held my wrists so gently
I thought it was the air whispering
a soft lullaby to my
have a funny way of remembering.
They can see through people
even in the dark, they collect stuff,
like memories and scars and
is something that I have held so dearly
that my chest never feels empty
even when I have nothing
to protect it with, I mean nothing but
is a privilege. I spit it out
in bits and pieces,
I have but little
of it left in
my stomach/
my stomach
is full of ghosts from the past
and I do not know what are they
doing to my taste buds,
look at all these fruits
and look at me unable to taste them,
I really don’t/
I really
mean to love someone like that,
but do I/
I do.




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