Of the sun star rising, armoring the mountains and the sea alike in armours as if they were knights so glorious, they would rescue all from the night.

Of the brave men’s eyes full of valour and the valour dripping out so softly from their veins that there are love songs being written about them.

Of the leaves shedding themselves in their sweet sacrifice when the autumn comes whispering and of the men dancing around the bonfire coated evening, roasting their own hearts, decorating their plates for someone else’s belly.

Look at all my red,
Like roses growing out of the corner of my eyes,
Like sunlight resting on the lips and on the freckled cheeks, my brown earth-like body.
Like a kiss of fire on my collarbones when my beloved would make love with my neck.
Folds of my palms and my wrists, proof that someone held on to them so tightly I forgot that I was ever alone.

I would smack you red if you ever became so much of a monster who would try to ruin this pretty red dress.